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Aldi Success at ReFood sponsored CIWM Awards

As industry leaders in food waste recycling, ReFood understands the importance of championing sustainable practices across all industries. Because of this, we were proud to sponsor the ‘Corporate Sustainability Business of the Year’ award at the CIWM Sustainability and Resource awards recently.
Each year, the awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses and organisations in the sustainability, resource and waste industry, with entrants across a range of sectors including education, manufacturing and the public sector. This year, Aldi were the worthy winners of the award ReFood sponsored. The retailer was celebrated for their work with responsible sourcing and a range of customer-facing environmental and health initiatives.
Progress towards a brighter, more environmentally sustainable future is only achievable if large businesses and corporations get on board with initiatives that promote change, which is why it is important to celebrate those who have taken the steps to do so.
Celebrating what’s great about the initiatives businesses like Aldi are taking a lead on goes a long way to help deliver the message. Through sponsoring events such as this, we’re looking to celebrate the good and help inspire others to reduce their food waste.

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