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Collaborative Yorkshire green initiative wins national plaudits

ReGrow, a branded biofertiliser derived from food waste, and a first to market proposition from Yorkshire food recycling specialist, ReFood and brand consultancy Propaganda, has been heralded in a major national business event. The product, which utilises what has traditionally been seen as a waste product, has the capacity to transform the fertiliser market and close the loop on the food supply chain. ReGrow is a waste food-derived quality biofertiliser, which can help yield the next season’s crops.

The win comes at the annual Management Consultancies Association (MCA) awards, which saw the project crowned in both the Innovation and Strategy categories. The awards bring together some of the most innovative projects and collaborations in British business, and the ReGrow team of ReFood and Propaganda won against projects from the likes of Transport for London, the NHS and Network Rail.

ReFood has developed a solution to what amounted to a major cost to the business, and a headache for the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) sector. Through creation of a branded fertiliser, which is PAS 110 accredited, meaning it is independently tested as a quality product rather than waste, there have been dramatic operational savings, as well as environmental benefits.

Philip Simpson, Commercial Director of ReFood said: “ReGrow is a game-changer in the food waste recycling sector, and has solved a major industry headache. To win two awards alongside such prestigious competition is a validation of our strategy and supports the message around this first-to-market product.”

“Through working with some of the biggest retailers in the UK, we’ve already demonstrated that ReGrow has the ability to close the loop of the food supply chain, by returning vital nutrients to farm land. Working alongside farmers, food producers, wholesalers, retailers and the hospitality industry, our ambition of helping the UK achieve zero waste to landfill by 2020, is a reality. Retailers and manufacturers have a responsibility to waste less food, but also to deal responsibly with the unavoidable waste that does happen.”

Richard McMurrough, Director of Propaganda commented: “ReGrow is precisely the kind of project that demonstrates our difference. We work closely with clients at board level to make changes that really matter to their bottom line.  It’s brilliant to see the hard work of two Yorkshire based businesses take on some strong contenders and win. As longstanding members of the MCA, we know that these awards celebrate the very best work of the consulting industry, so these wins mean a great deal.

The event, which is the highlight of the MCA calendar, took place in London on Thursday 27th April, brought together the UK’s leading firms to celebrate their work towards consulting excellence.

ReFood is a UK leader in food waste recycling, through a national network of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants, the business turns waste food and drink into renewable energy. A natural by-product of the process is digestate, traditionally seen as a waste product. Prior to Propaganda’s work, ReFood paid significant disposal charges to local farmers each year for them to take the digestate.

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