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ReFood, the UK’s leading food waste recycler, has launched a new 24-hour service aimed at dealing with emergency food-waste situations faced by businesses, allowing for quick, safe, secure and cost-effective disposal.

Launched in response to increasingly strict rules faced by businesses to ensure they safely dispose of waste food, the disposal service can be called upon via a 24-hour hotline, which will be monitored 365 days a year. ReFood has identified a clear need for the service, to deal with a range of scenarios, such as food damaged in road incidents, freezer breakdowns or in product recall situations.

The service accepts food waste, beverages including wine and beer and branded retail products (including pre-packaged products) and securely disposes of them via Anaerobic Digestion, the greener, cheaper and safer alternative to landfill.

Philip Simpson, Commercial Director of ReFood said: “Inevitably, in the manufacture, distribution and retail of food, things can occasionally go wrong. This service will help organisations rectify those situations and help prevent any negative impacts. ReFood is a responsive organisation, and we pride ourselves on the professional way in which we operate. This new emergency service will help ensure we remain at the forefront of food waste recycling, whilst offering the highest levels of biosecurity.”

Anaerobic Digestion is one way that businesses and organisations can reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill, helping to promote a more sustainable way of working, whilst reducing costs. ReFood manages the entire process of collection and disposal, unlike many AD operators, therefore ensuring enhanced biosecurity, as well as supplying destruction certificates to guarantee industry-leading traceability.

A key element of ReFood’s offer is the audit trail available, proving that waste food has been professionally dealt with, whilst ensuring all current laws and regulations are complied with, providing full security and peace of mind for customers.

The 24-hour hotline can be reached by calling: 0800 085 4115

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