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ReFood UK Limited statement regarding Planning Application 17/00808/FUL

We have been made aware of resident concern regarding planning application 17/00808/FUL (concerning the proposed excavation and installation of a biofertiliser lagoon, access area and 1.8m stock proof fence) and wish to take this opportunity to fully outline the project background and directly address the points of concern that have been raised.
Our role and the benefits of biofertiliser
The proposed lagoon development at Red House Farm in High Melton will be used solely for the storage of an environmentally-friendly biofertiliser product, ReGrow.  ReGrow is our fully-accredited, PAS110 certified biofertiliser, produced at the ReFood Doncaster food waste Anaerobic Digestion facility.
ReGrow is completely natural, highly sustainable and a 100% environmentally-friendly by-product of the anaerobic digestion (AD) process. This sees food waste naturally degrade in the absence of oxygen, releasing high-quality methane gas that is used to generate renewable energy.
With high levels of key growth nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, ReGrow is an alternative to chemical fertiliser, offsetting the use of chemicals in the production of food and eliminating the need for mining materials. What’s more, its use can dramatically improve soil fertility and crop growth productivity.
Fully-pasteurised, accredited and safe for use on crops grown for human consumption, ReGrow is SSAFO compliant and follows the Anaerobic Digestion Quality Protocol (ADQP). Additional details, including full certification and accreditation, are available at www.regrow-biofertiliser.com/about-regrow.
Project application and mitigation measures
Plans for the lagoon have been carefully considered to ensure minimal impact, both to the local community and to the surrounding built and natural environments. These include:

  • Site design that minimises impact on the visual landscape
  • Measures to minimise odours (including gravity-fed filling technology)
  • Transport planning to reduce traffic through local villages
  • Drop-off points contained within the site to prevent queueing traffic

The 4,141m2 lagoon, with a holding depth of 3.8m, will be developed in line with all necessary building and environmental regulations. The lagoon will be lined with a thick, impermeable membrane with a leak detection system, which is guaranteed for 20 years and conforms to the CIRIA 759 guidelines.
The nearest private dwelling, Roiness, is more than 1.1km away. The nearest road, Hangman Stone Lane, is approximately 65m from the site.
Controlling odours
Once complete, odour levels from the site will be minimal. Numerous measures, including the specification of a floating lagoon cover, use of a gravity-fed filling system and over ground discharge pipes, will contain atmospheric pollution.
As per regulated guidelines, the site will be registered by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), ensuring its adherence to recognised transport, storage and grazing/cutting bans.
Application of the biofertiliser will take place in optimum conditions, using an umbilical system to apply material direct to ground level. As such, the resulting odour will be comparable to the spreading of manure.
Community engagement
At ReFood, we take community engagement very seriously and embrace numerous initiatives to build strong resident relationships. For example, in the development of any ReFood facility, we work closely with the local community to understand their perceptions and educate them about the site’s operations.
From discussion groups and planning evenings, to resident Open Days, we embrace the opportunity to share best practice, answer questions and work together with the local community.
As part of our community engagement activity in Doncaster, we extend an open invitation to local Parish Councils to visit ReFood Doncaster, tour the facility and learn more about the production of ReGrow biofertiliser.
Together, we can make Doncaster a more sustainable, resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly place to work and live.

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