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Local Authorities

Local Authorities - A First Class Partnership

With recycling high on the political agenda and food waste accounting for one third of the average resident’s waste, we understand that food disposal and sustainability targets are a key focus for local authorities.

Maximising the capture of household food is also seen to be a critical governmental focus. Add to this the spiralling costs of landfill disposal, and it’s easy to see why there is a growing need for a greener and cheaper alternative.

Better for the local area and the community

According to WRAP, the UK discards 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink each year (which damages the environment and costs us over £12 billion). However, by recycling your food waste with ReFood, you can:

Reduce food waste disposal costs by 50%*

Divert food waste from landfill and work sustainably

Minimise environmental impact and capital outlay

Benefit from a transparent and quantifiable recycling service

Avoid increased landfill tax and escalating disposal costs

Boost the local economy and benefit the local community – we’re proud to say that

Enjoy the peace of mind of partnering with a well-established organisation that continually evolves to meet your needs

Our hassle-free services at a glance

ReFood provides a unique service tailored to your requirements that make environmental and commercial sense:

A specialist food waste collection & recycling service for local authorities

Food waste is collected and separated from its packaging using our own unique industry leading processes

Exclusive on site staff training and support material to help implement the new system

Local dedicated customer support

A transparent pricing structure

Nation-wide coverage at a local level

In house contingency facilities, if the need arises to divert material for any reason

Regular KPI and CSR reports (tailored to you), which outline the amount of waste collected, MWh’s and ReGrow fertiliser produced, and CO² saved

Helping spread the word about recycling in your area

We understand the benefits of working in partnership with local authorities and aim to add value at every stage of the process. Our marketing expertise allows us to maximise the impact of your ongoing campaigns and increase householder engagement. So participation rates increase and more people segregate food waste.

To help you promote the benefits of food waste recycling in your area, we also provide one-to-one support and promotional materials:


Web content

Public open days at our plant

Open days for schools


Lesson plans and competitions for primary schools (offering prizes for schools)

Activities that engage the local press

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