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ReFood is greener, safer and 50% cheaper than landfill*

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Food waste recycling just became even safer.

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Find out how we can turn your food waste into green energy

All for less than you pay to send it to landfill

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The number 1
emergency disposal service

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Remade in London

Now providing food waste recycling in London

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A closed-loop waste solution

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Why ReFood?

There's only us

We’re the UK’s only fully integrated food chain recycler. No matter what others say, nobody does what we do.

You can trust us

We’re part of SARIA, Europe's leading food chain recycler and renewable energy producer.

Cheaper than landfill

Recycling food waste with us can save you up to 50% on food waste disposal costs against landfill.

We set standards

The Green Standard is our customer promise. We deliver a service that is: responsible, ethical, responsive, superior and customer-focused.

Your peace of mind

Our unique end-to-end solution means the entire food waste recycling process is handled by ReFood only.

We're close to you

Our nationwide network of AD plants means a ReFood truck is never far away. Responsive service, Consistency of service.

Waste for Good

Our closed-loop process uses your food waste to produce something good – fertiliser for crops, which results in more food waste, it's a closed-loop process that keeps on giving.

We're the greener choice

Our leading AD technology converts waste food into renewable energy, supplying gas to the national grid.

Flexible collections

A hassle-free service and Bin Collect and Swap scheme, that means no smelly bins or liners; and biosecurity guaranteed.

You're in excellent company

Because we’re the UK’s No. 1 food waste recycler. We’re trusted by leading retailers, food manufacturers and nationwide SMEs.

We're changing the world

We helped found Vision 2020, a campaign that aims to ban all food waste going to landfill. We actively support the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ waste hierarchy and ethos. A unique perspective that demonstrates our business ethics.

We make regrow

The high-quality, nutrient-rich and 100% sustainable biofertiliser. UK’s first branded biofertiliser derived from food waste.

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