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Yorkshire Wildlife Park
As the UK’s number one walkthrough wildlife adventure park, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. When we approached them, they were already exploring the possibility of building their own on-site AD plant to act as both an energy provider and an educational attraction.
“The information we receive from ReFood is vital from a management point of view. Waste is the new economy. The level of information is second to none, and they’re leading the industry with this.”
Neville Williams, Operations Director, Yorkshire Wildlife Park

After a tour of our plant at Doncaster, the YWP decided to immediately use ReFood to collect waste produced by visitors and residues arising from animal food preparation. During their busiest summer period, the flexible nature of our weekly collection service means increased volumes of waste are catered for. In the longer term, we hope to collaborate with the YWP to create an interactive display to educate visitors of the benefits achieved by the park’s food waste recycling programme.

2766 kWh
2,766 kWh of energy produced per annum.
10 tonnes
10.24 tonnes of waste processed per annum.
8 tonnes
8.19 tonnes of bio-fertiliser produced per annum.
> 5 tonnes
Total potential 4.72 tonnes of CO² saved annually.
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