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Help us spread the message about food waste prevention in schools.

Educating the next generation about food waste and its place in the food chain has never been more critical.


We work hard to support the next generation with our green solutions. By striving to lower costs, remove food waste and eliminate unnecessary emissions, we offer institutions a greener, safer and cheaper alternative to landfill.

Introduction to teachers

Good food shouldn’t go to waste. It’s astonishing to think that over half of the world’s food never gets eaten. In the UK alone, we waste over 14 million tonnes of food every year. That’s equivalent to the below items going into the ground every day:


6 million
9.8 million
Slices of bread


Worse still, burying food in landfill takes up valuable space and releases methane, which pollutes our air and the environment around us. And the UK’s waste mountain keeps on growing.

With the clock ticking, we believe that it’s time for a different approach, and that’s why we’ve created these lesson plans.

The clock is ticking
With the clock ticking, we believe that it’s time for a different approach, and that’s why we’ve created these lesson plans.

Who are ReFood?

We’re ReFood, the UK’s number 1 food waste recycling specialists and we want to stop good food from going to landfill. We achieve this by turning food waste into green energy using a process called Anaerobic Digestion. This generates renewable energy and a nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be used to grow more food. However, we also want to reduce the amount of food the UK currently wastes. And that’s where we need your help.

How can you help?

Our vision is simple: to make zero food waste-to-landfill a reality. These lesson plans are part of this initiative and are designed to help you spread the message to your students about throwing away food waste. Created to inspire young minds, it encourages pupils to consider how they can help to reduce the amount of food that goes to landfill.

Get started

With landfill filling up every day, there’s no time to lose. So to help you set the scene, download our short film below. This gives your students a simple introduction to the recycling process and is a perfect way to start any lesson.
Our lessons
Lesson 1
The food waste journey
The food that we put into the bin doesn’t have to go straight into landfill. At ReFood we’ve developed a process that collects and converts food waste into renewable energy and creates a nutrient-rich fertiliser. This lesson describes how the process works, and explains the benefits of food waste recycling.


Lesson 2
Making sure food waste doesn’t go to waste
Food is something we all take for granted and it is easy to forget how much food we waste. This exercise encourages students to take a closer look at the food they throw away and think of alternative uses for unwanted meals.


Redesign a ReFood truck
When it comes to food waste small changes can make a big difference. So to spread the word and keep lessons fun, we’ve created a colouring in sheet.

Our fleet of ReFood collection trucks is seen by thousands of people and businesses every day. And we’d like your students to have a go at designing the side of a food collection truck. Download our colouring sheet below.



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