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Turning food waste into good

We use a specialised process called Anaerobic Digestion to recycle unwanted food waste.

Proven to work across Europe, our technology converts unwanted waste into renewable energy, which our London and Widnes plants supply direct to the National Gas Grid, and ReGrow, our PAS110 accredited nutrient-rich biofertiliser. ReGrow is an excellent supplement for enhancing soil health and fertility, making it great for food crops.

Food waste recycling with ReFood is the perfect way to lower your company’s carbon footprint and costs. And our end-to-end service gives peace of mind that you’re disposing of food waste in the most sustainable way.

It’s the closed-loop process that keeps on giving.

Food waste collection: The step-by-step guide

ReFood collections are tailored to your business. Our standard collection service provides you with free 240 litre food waste bins (larger versions are available) to meet your needs. However, we can also take waste in other ways:

From caddies and standard bin liners

Directly from your kitchen's 'dirty area'

Pallet boxes (Dolavs)

Bulk loader


Liquid tanker waste



Skips and roll-on/roll-off containers

Our dedicated fleet schedules waste collections to your timetable, from daily to ad hoc. Round Optimisation software ensures collections are reliable and environmentally friendly.

Instead of emptying bins on site, we replace them with sanitised ones to meet the highest level of biosecurity and save you the cost of maintaining them yourself.

Open all year round, our secure plant separates any packaging, and then uses AD technology to recycle the food waste into renewable energy and biofertiliser.

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