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The Savoy Hotel
With impressive views overlooking the River Thames, The Savoy is one of the world’s most iconic hotels. When it comes to sustainable practices, it’s also one of the best. Because almost half a million meals are served in its restaurants each year, an effective food waste policy was an essential part of the hotel’s aim to be one of the most sustainable luxury hotels in London.
“ReFood supported our objectives to divert excess food waste away from landfill providing a flexible, safe and sustainable solution. Additionally, the service fits seamlessly with our existing operational structure, saving money and leading to some very impressive results.”
Debra Patterson, Sustainability Manager, The Savoy

Following a successful trial in one of the hotel restaurants, the scheme was rolled out across the hotel. The food waste collection and recycling service we provide to The Savoy has contributed to a near perfect 100% waste diversion and recycling rate. Testimony to this is the fact the hotel won this year’s SRA Award for ‘Best Food Waste Strategy’.

216 MW of energy produced per annum. Enough to light 25% of guest rooms for 8 hours per day.
200 of CO²
Nearly 200 of CO² saved per annum.
Savings of at least £200 per week in landfill costs.
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