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Landfill vs Recycling - The Facts

Recycling with ReFood is the sustainable alternative to sending your food waste to landfill. As such, it makes both financial and environmental sense.

Fact 1:

15% more municipal waste

The UK sends 15% more municipal waste to landfill than the EU27 average (40%). The renewable energy generated by our AD plants supports the EU target of 15% renewable energy by 2020.

Fact 2:

45.2% household waste recycled

The UK recycling rate for household waste was 45.2% in 2016, increasing from 44.6% in 2015.

Fact 3:

Half of all waste by 2020

By 2020, half of all UK household waste must be recycled, composted or reused.

Fact 4:

4.4 million apples

The UK throws 4.4 million apples away every day.

Sources: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/research/library/data/123472.aspx


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