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Our Services

We provide a unique range of fully integrated services that divert food waste from landfill, reduce your companys carbon footprint, and support UK objectives to create more renewable energy.

However large or small your business, we can tailor our specialised offering to your needs to deliver a safe, secure, reliable and cost-effective service.

Food waste collection: The step-by-step guide

We provide you with food recycling bins.

We collect your bins on a pre-agreed date and replace them with fresh, sanitised bins, to avoid odours and contamination.

We separate and process the waste.

We generate renewable energy from the waste and create nutrient-rich biofertiliser.

Our services include:

240-litre food waste wheeled bins (larger containers available on request).

Dependable national collection service by our specialist ReFood fleet, tailored to your needs.

All bins swapped for fresh, sanitised replacements to maintain biosecurity, eliminate odours and reduce your costs.

Packaging removal at our sites to save you time.

All food waste handled safely and sustainably within legislation guidelines.

Specialist advice on the segregation of food waste.

On-site staff training and support material.

Key Performance Indicator reports detailing amount of waste collected, MWh’s and fertiliser produced and CO² diverted.

Transparent operations with measurable results for businesses of all sizes.

A trial to demonstrate the value of our services and the cost savings that can be made.

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