24hr Emergency Helpline: 0800 085 4115

Emergency Disposal

In the manufacture, distribution and retail of food, things can occasionally go wrong. ReFood’s 24-hour Emergency Disposal service is a quick, safe, secure and cost-effective way to deal with emergency food-waste situations.

Increasingly strict rules mean businesses have to ensure they safely dispose of waste food. Our emergency service helps you deal with a wide range of scenarios, such as food damaged in road incidents, freezer breakdowns or in product recall situations.

The service accepts food waste, beverages including wine and beer and branded retail products (including pre-packaged products), and we securely dispose of them via Anaerobic Digestion.

In addition to the actual disposal, we can also provide destruction certificates to guarantee our industry-leading traceability. A full audit trail proves that the waste food has been professionally dealt with, while ensuring all current laws and regulations are complied with, providing total security and your peace of mind.

The 24-hour hotline can be reached 365 days a year on 0800 085 4115.

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