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Vision 2020

Start supporting Vision 2020 today and make zero food waste to landfill a reality. Together, we can make a difference. Together we can stop landfill from filling up.

It has been calculated that, by 2020 all current landfill space will be full. Vision 2020 aims to prevent this by ensuring all food waste is diverted from landfill and instead recycled.

Use your food waste for good, and support for Vision 2020 today. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can stop landfill from filling up.

What is Vision 2020?

Every year, the UK produces almost 20 million tonnes of food waste. And if we carry on at our current rate, all existing landfill space will be full by 2020. That’s why it’s vital that we prevent this vast mountain of waste going to landfill.

Launched by ReFood, Vision 2020 is the solution to this ever-growing problem. Through it, we aim to change government legislation, ban food waste from landfill and have all waste recycled. By achieving it, we will enable the UK to meet its obligations under current Landfill Directives.

Ultimately, we want to see an industry-agreed timetable for this ban – with changes introduced in a swift, yet manageable, fashion.

The New Food Waste Horizons Report

Download to learn more about Vision2020’s success and significant progress made so far at each stage of the food chain. Discover our view of the future, identifying opportunities to make eradicating food waste from landfill a rapid reality rather than a long-term ambition.

Download the New Horizons Report

The Vision

The clock is ticking. In just a few short years our current landfill sites will be full. But Vision 2020 aims to stop the countdown once and for all, and ensure zero food waste is assigned to landfill. To do this, we plan to address a series of areas.

The core aims:

A landfill ban

We aim to create an industry-agreed timetable for new legislation that will ban food waste, and enable consumers and businesses to adopt food recycling practices.

Educating the public

People of all ages need to understand the importance of recycling food. By sharing good recycling practices, we can also promote Vision 2020.


A network of local food recycling plants must be built on redundant brownfield sites so that we can recycle all food waste within a 50 mile radius. Planning laws will also need to be amended to speed up the approval and build process.

Portfolio of solutions

Our industry must offer a range of recycling processes while enforcing positive peer pressure and Government targets.

Ending household food waste issues

All councils must address public concerns on food waste issues, for example, improved storage solutions, communal bulking of food waste and uniformed collections across regions.

Minimising waste

The food manufacturing and retailing sector must promote zero waste tolerance. Additionally, the food production chain must start considering portion sizes, packaging and packaging reuse incentives.


To attract the best people, we must promote the very best opportunities the industry has to offer. With training grants and funded bursaries, we will challenge the negative perceptions of the food waste industry.


The UK must lead the world into successfully recycling all food waste – and not follow others. We need to help fund future developments while attracting the best talent to create a global centre of excellence.

Visionary panel

We require a standalone panel, formed of visionaries from companies of all sizes and supported by Government representatives. Only through industry collaboration can we achieve our goals.

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