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The core aims:

A landfill ban
We want to create an industry-agreed timetable for the implementation of legislation that bans food waste, so consumers and businesses alike can adopt food recycling into their
everyday lives.
Educating the general public
People young and old need to understand why it’s so important to recycle food. We also need to understand European recycling behaviours in order to put us ahead of other recycling sectors and raise our profile.
A network of local food recycling plants need to be built on redundant brownfield sites so that all food waste can be recycled within 50 miles of where it is created. Also, planning laws need amending to speed up the approval and build process.
Portfolio of solutions
Our industry needs to offer a range of recycling processes, with positive peer pressure and Government targets set around technology to ensure a range of options are adopted.
Ending household food waste issues
Public concerns over household storage of food waste need overcoming by improving home storage solutions, communal bulking of food waste and uniformed collections across council regions.
Minimising waste
Less is more. The food manufacturing and retailing sector needs to promote zero waste tolerance. An holistic approach across the food production chain is needed, with consideration given to packaging portion sizes and better incentives for reusing packaging.
The industry needs to attract the best people by promoting the opportunities it offers. It needs to challenge current perceptions compared against more ‘glamorous’ careers. In addition, training grants and funded bursaries should be offered.
Future proofing
The UK needs to lead the world in food waste recycling and not follow others. We need to impose contributions to fund future development, while at the same time attract the best talent to create a global centre of excellence.
Visionary panel
A standalone panel is needed made up of visionaries from companies of all sizes and supported by Government representatives. Only through the collaboration of different industries can we achieve our goals.
Tax breaks for companies that recycle
Financial incentives for recycling are needed to overcome arguments about its cost. This can be achieved by bringing in a rebate programme gradually over 10 years so our sector can develop.

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